• Chamasoft


    Our Project is aimed at tackling a big challenge we have in Kenya. We have a lot of merry go round social groups, investment groups otherwise known as ‘chamas’ in Swahili. These groups operate with a lot of manual […]

  • KARIBU Solar Power

    Tanzania Raising Capital

    KARIBU Solar Power is an innovative solar social enterprise that makes high quality solar power affordable. We produce a modular solar lamp (solar panel + rechargeable battery + light) and employ an innovative […]

  • Kiro’o Games

    Cameroon Raising Capital

    Since 10 years we have been working to set-up the first video game studio in Central Africa Region. Our goal is to create games based on an ”African-fantasy” in order to sell them to the world audience.
    Beyond […]

  • Save & Buy


    Save & Buy (S&B) is a web and mobile platform that enables the Nigerian consumer to save towards items they desire in an easy to use, fun and safe environment. Our one-stop shop is for consumers who wish to make […]

  • Beeptool,Inc

    Nigeria Raising Capital

    BeepTool is an African leading and fast growing proprietary cross-platform communication web and mobile smart telephony and instant messaging presence platform that brings free networking and communications […]

  • Farmerline


    We provide timely information and better communication channels for small-scale farmers and stakeholders via mobile phone using voice services.

  • MyeCampus.net


    MyeCampus.net is an online teaching and learning platform with social networking options that allows users (teachers & students) to interact and compare test scores.

    MyeCampus.net provides free access to […]

  • Dinero Social Savings System (ChamaPesa)

    Kenya Seeking Investor

    ChamaPesa gives savings clubs (chamas) the tools to issue and manage financial instruments which their members can access from their phones, with good governance at low cost. We enable financial inclusion for […]

  • IroFit

    Nigeria Raising Capital

    We build the ONLY mobile card payment system that allows merchants accept card payments without an internet connection. Our revolutionary technology makes real-time processing of card payments possible in many […]

  • Pluspeople Kenya Limited


    Pluspeople Kenya is executing a vision of improving the efficiency and professionalism of SME’s in East Africa and later on all of Africa, through the use of innovative cloud based management systems.
    In a region […]

  • Mellowcabs

    South Africa Raising Capital

    Mellowcabs manufactures, and operates new electric mini-cabs that provide an on-demand, flexible and affordable taxi/transport service in cities. These services can be provided through our mobile app, call-centre […]

  • MobileJobs (mjobs) powered by SOMTEC

    Ethiopia Raising Capital

    Mjobs is a web and mobile based job alert and recruitment services taking the power of web and SMS technology and solving the problems faced by workers in finding new jobs and their employers locating suitable […]

  • saisai


    At saisai we are creating the true internet of Africa, One that is based around the core principles of resource availability and how we as Africans relate to each other and to technology. saisai is a bandwidth […]

  • Foodstantly

    Nigeria Raising Capital

    Foodstantly is Nigeria’s Number 1 online marketplace for food.Foodstantly provides a mobile-web platform for Food Producers and Food Sellers (Farmers,Traders in open air markets,food grocery […]

  • Nerve

    Nigeria Raising Capital

    Nerve delivers cost-effective, higher quality & mobile convergent smart devices & services to inspire greater productivity in next billion people in emerging nations..

    The Nerve debut smartphones and […]

  • SpacePointe


    SpacePointe is focused on helping African Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) increase their bottom line revenue in their Offline and Online market channels by adopting the following Strategy:
    a. Online Market […]

  • The Pearl Dream Inc

    Raising Capital

    DreamAfrica app is a digital ecosystem of African stories for kids.

    DreamAfrica app connects African authors and content creators to a global audience in Africa, the Diaspora and the World. Authors and content […]

  • ASiM

    Kenya Raising Capital

    Olivine Technology is the winner of the Pivot East 2014 Mobile Enterprise category, Google Innovation Awards, & is a CIO Top 100 Company for its flagship product, ASiM, which is a multisite management solution for […]

  • Chura


    Chura allows interoperability between different mobile networks in a multi-SIM environment. With more than 80% of mobile service users having two or more sim cards, inferior inter-network mobile service delivery […]

  • Eco stove


    Eco Stove is a product introduced by the Eco Group Ltd, a company that manufactures environmental, economic, social and technological innovated cook stoves. The Eco Stove innovative technology was inspired by the […]